1. RDL Educational Solutions, Fayetteville, NC
    RDL Educational Solutions, Fayetteville, NC
    The purpose of RDL health education program is to positively influence the health behavior of aging adults as well as the living, working and environmental conditions that influence their health.
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  1. Nonprofit
    Non-profit organization with the primary focus of Restoring Dynamic Lifestyles (RDL) through Health Education.
  2. Connectivity
    Stengthening connections within the community and providing outlets through various fields of learning and empowerment.
  3. Groups Welcome
    Bundled interventions personalized, socialized, and harmonized with nursing plans of care that focus on key elements contributing to declining health.
  4. Nutrition
    Education driven nutrition programs designed to promote healthy lifestyles through professional support and educational pursuit.
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For more information please contact
Darnisha George or Rosalind Woods
Founders of RDL Educational